1. Basis on the principle of “more pay for more work, the incoming is related to the contribution”, establish the inspiration and salary management system. 
2. Leading salary level in the field.
3. Increase the welfare treatment by achieving the company business aim every year.


1. Pay the social issuance for employees: endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund.
2. Provide free lunch and overtime meals.
3. Share the only-child subsidy.
4. Festival welfare (Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn festival, Spring Festival).
5. Visit and condole employees who are ill in hospital, maternity leave and funeral leave.
6. Carry out health medical examination and grant the labor protection appliance every year.
7. Labor union welfare.
8. Various training opportunity.
9. Various cultural and sports activities, and other favorable welfare treatment.
10. Good occupation development platform and flexible personnel promotion mechanism.



1. Carry out the regulations of the national legal holiday, and provide the marriage holiday, maternity leave, lactation leave, annual leave and funeral leave, etc.

2. Enjoy the provisions of the State paid annual leave stated by the national.