LS526-H Electronic Leveling One-way Rotary Laser(H)

Electronic leveling one-way rotary laser is used for leveling construction of plane or slope in the large square, airplane, farmland, and court field, etc, or used for the ceiling and ground leveling of large hall. It provides the high accuracy horizontal and slope reference.







  Horizontal 360° rotary laser

  Electronic leveling, warning when beyond auto-leveling range

  Unbalance warning

  VWS function



  Laser wavelength:635nm

  Laser class: ClassⅡ/Ⅲ

  Working range (diameter):600m

  Accuracy: ±0.075mm/m

  Auto-leveling range: ±5°

  Power: Ni-MH battery or 4* C battery

  Sealing: IP54

  Size: 6 7/8’’x 5 1/2’’x 7 5/16’’ (175×140×186mm)

  Weight: 4.4lbs (2Kg)





Basic kit:

LS526-H main unit, LS310-3 adapter, LS715 detector, Ni-MH battery, 5# hard carrying case