LS631Ⅱ Intenigent Automatic Tracking Line Laser(4V1H1D)

Line laser series product features as the self-leveling, simple operation, economic and practical, is used widely for indoor decoration, door & window and cabinet fitting, suspended ceiling, picture hanging and other professional & DIY market field. It provides the horizontal and vertical reference.




  360° automatic tracking line laser

  5 laser lines and one plumb down laser dot

  Form front and up 2 cross laser lines

  Continuous or pulse laser, compatible for both indoor and outdoor applications

  Self-leveling, warning when beyond self-leveling range

  Able to rotate by 360° freely

  Reliable design with shockproof rubber cover



  Laser wavelength: 635nm

  Laser class: ClassⅡ

  Accuracy: ±1mm/5m

  Self-leveling range: ±3°

  Tracking remote control range: 30m  (with LS721 detector)        

  Power: main unit: Li battery or 4*AA battery

                                     Base: 4*AA battery

  Size: Φ 3 15/16’’x 8 9/16’’ (Φ100×218mm)

  Weight: 3.3lbs (1.5Kg)




Basic kit:

LS631 main unit, LS721 detector, LS306 glass, Li battery box, 8*AA battery, 5# hard case